Dr Susan Thompson BSc(Hons) MSc(Oxon) MBBS MRCPsych
Consultant Psychiatrist, London and Maidenhead
GMC number: 4123451

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I have been a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist since 2003 and practice privately at the Priory Hospital Roehampton, Priory Lane, London SW15 5JJ and The Bridge Clinic, 156-160 Bridge Rd, Maidenhead SL6 8DG.

I provide my patients with the highest quality of healthcare, aiming to add value at every consultation.

I am qualified to treat any psychiatric disorder in adults aged 18-65, but have a particular expertise in treating PTSD, depression and seasonal affective disorder, all anxiety disorders, (general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, OCD), bipolar disorder, stress related and adjustment disorders, psychosis and alcohol related problems. Women's mental health is also an area of special interest, including peri and post natal depression, PMS, PMDD, reproductive depression, and depression and other problems arising around the menopause period. I also am experienced in Occupational Health assessments and Medicolegal report writing.

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Medical Expert

Having already been awarded a first-class degree and an MSc at London and Oxford Universities in Human Biology, I started my medical training at Charing Cross Medical School in 1989, holding the Junior Entrance Scholarship for five years. I was awarded the Psychology prize, Psychiatry Essay prize and Mental Health Foundation elective scholarship whilst there. 

I qualified as a Consultant Psychiatrist in 2003, and after working for the NHS for 18 months proceeded to work for the Ministry of Defence for 4 years, treating service personnel from the Army, RAF and Navy. I have been in private practice for 9 years, and have been interviewed on radio and television about my research, in addition to writing many medical articles for the media and medical press.

Few doctors have assessed and treated as many cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as myself, having seen many military and civilian cases. I have a number of Veterans in my caseload, and am one of the few doctors in the UK to be trained in the use of the CAPS-5 assessment, which is the gold standard preferred by the Courts. I have appeared as an Expert Witness in Court, and represented patients and the MOD at Employment Tribunals, in addition to producing medicolegal reports.

I have published scientific papers on Stress, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and the Internet's influence on Suicide:

“Stress and the female doctor”, Occupational Health, 1994

 Health Service Manager Special Report on Stress Management, 1995

“Working in Australia”, Student BMJ, 1997

“The Internet and its potential influence on suicide”, Editorial, Psychiatric Bulletin, August 1999

“Prevalence of SAD in Primary Care”, Journal of Affective Disorders, March 2004, Professor C  Thompson, S Thompson, R Smith, pp211-220



Although most people are nervous about seeing a psychiatrist, they invariably feel better after they have made the first step and come away with a treatment plan for their recovery. I will aim to put you at your ease and deliver the very best possible package of treatment in a timely manner.

The initial consultation takes just under an hour, and follows a standard format. I will ask about any symptoms and circumstances that might be contributing to your current situation, and about your medical history, background, and your relationships as these may have some relevance. It would be useful to know of any medication that you may be taking, or have taken in the past. At the end of the assessment, I will feedback to you my diagnosis and will recommend and discuss a treatment plan with you and any questions you might have. I will then, with your consent, write a letter containing a summary of my assessment to your GP. There is no additional charge for this, although if a more extensive report is required for any other purpose this will be chargeable.

I am a medically qualified doctor and specialise in the assessment and treatment of conditions that influence mental health. Unlike a psychologist or psychotherapist, I am able to prescribe medication if it is warranted, and can refer to psychologists and therapists for non drug treatment. I can also deliver EMDR therapy myself.

The frequency of follow-up appointments will vary according to your wishes and clinical need, and usually last up to half an hour. Longer follow up appointments can be arranged for patients who self pay.

Any treatment I recommend is in line with NICE guidelines and the very latest research. I have a keen interest in cutting edge treatments such as rTMS and ketamine treatment, and will happily recommend these if appropriate.



If you wish to book/change an appointment or if you have any queries about insurance companies/invoice payments, please contact my PA on 01628 760066  or PA-drsusanthompson@cognacity.co.uk, during weekdays between the hours of 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.  If you need to contact me between appointments about any clinical matters, please telephone or email my PA who will pass these requests on to me. Telephone calls are chargeable as per my fee schedule below, which is typical of a London psychiatrist.

I am able to see patients who self-fund, as well as those covered by healthcare insurance. I am a provider for most of the major UK healthcare insurers (BUPA, Cigna, AVIVA, Simply Health and WPA), but not AXA PPP or Vitality). If you wish to claim your consultation and treatment through your insurance policy, you will need to obtain a “pre-authorisation code” from your health insurer and forward this to my PA prior to the appointment. You will also need to provide me with a referral letter from your GP to access insurance funding, but if you are self funding you can self refer, although it is always useful if you email my PA  with an idea of your specific issues such that I can reassure you that I am the best doctor for your condition. 

If you are claiming against Private Medical Insurance, please contact your provider prior to your appointment to obtain authorisation for the appointment and to establish the level of your cover, including any excess fee. Excess fees will be deducted from my fees when I invoice your insurer after I have seen you, and I will then invoice you for this amount. 

Once an appointment has been made, you will receive a letter confirming this, with a letter for you to sign to confirm that you will pay any fees incurred by you which are not covered by any insurance you might have. Payment of fees is required on the day of the appointment or within 14 days of receipt of my invoice for any other service, and failure to make payment within 28 days may result in the matter being referred to my debt collection agents, whose charges will be added to and are payable in addition to the invoice debt.  

I require you to give at least 2 clear working day's notice to my secretary if you wish to cancel or change your appointment otherwise you will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment. 
Please note that most health insurance companies will not generally cover the cancellation fee and you will be liable for this. 



Initial consultation: £380 (up to one hour)

Follow-up consultation: £200 (up to 30 minutes)

Consultations that extend beyond these times will incur an additional charge of £100 per 15 minutes

Telephone consultations for medical advice, detailed letters or emails concerning the monitoring or treatment of a particular condition will be charged for at the following rates:

Telephone calls: £85 per 15 minutes 

Prescriptions issued between consultations: £25

Responding to patient emails: £25

Medical and Medicolegal report writing: £380 per hour, including time spent reading documents, consultation, and writing the report

Insurers will pay fees for standard initial and follow up consultations only. All other fees are liable to be paid personally

Payment can be made in cash, by cheque, or via bank transfer.


Contact Me

Telephone:  01628 760066

74 274286286 
Email address:  PA-drsusanthompson@cognacity.co.uk

Clinic Locations:

Priory Hospital, Roehampton, London SW15 5JJ

The Bridge Clinic, 156-160 Bridge Rd, Maidenhead SL6 8DG


"When my husband was your inpatient, the time you spent with us and positivity was so reassuring, we are recommending you to all our contacts"

"I was misdiagnosed for years, but with your expert help and treatment I am back on track and feel I am finally on the right medication"

"After my violent attack, you not only got me well, but the report you wrote got me the highest level of compensation possible and sorted out a difficult situation with my employer, so I'm back at work, which I never thought was possible. Thanks so much!"


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